Qzee (qzee) wrote in beckett_mckay,

Fic: Voodoo Magic

Title: Voodoo Magic
Author: Qzeebrella
Disclaimer: not mine, no profit being made
Rating: G

I wish sometimes that I knew how to do voodoo because then, maybe I could enchant you. I wish I knew how to put you under my spell, that I could magic up a way for you to fall in love with me the way I have fallen for you. Maybe if I found the right way to shake my rattle or manipulate whatever beads you think I have in such a way that you could not help but see me as more than just a friend.

But I do not practice Voodoo. I do not perform magic. I am not a witch doctor. Nor am I a miracle worker. I am just a man. A man in love with you and wishing you could see me as more than just a friend for you are much more than that to me.

You are my heart. My soul. My everything. You enchant me with everything you do. You managed to put me under your spell with your first smile, the beauty of your eyes. The kind and gentle soul you hind behind arrogance and snarkiness enchants me. You've made me yours just by being you. And I wish, how I wish, I knew what sort of magic I had to perform to make you mine.

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