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The Haunting of Carson Beckett (Prologue)

Title: The Haunting of Carson Beckett
Author: bella_reeve
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Character Death, strong language, slash
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Characters: All, but focused on Carson Beckett
Shippers: Carson/Rodney implied
Spoilers: N/A
Disclaimer: I don't own SGA I'm not making money off this.
Notes: I wanted to write something kind of crazy and something kind of… angst filled. This is the result. Hope you like it!
Summary: "The air grew colder and Carson shivered before sitting up in bed, 'It's you again, isn't it?'"


I'll always want you
I'll always need you
I'll always love you
and I will always miss you
One more look at the ghost
before I'm gonna make it leave
Come here
I've got the pieces here
Time to gather up the splinters
Build a casket for my tears
I'm haunted
by the hallways in this tiny room
the echoes there of me and you
the voices that are carrying this tune
- "Haunted" by Poe

“Stop poking at it, you don’t know what it does!”

Rodney rolled his eyes, ignoring Carson for a moment to turn the small gray item in his hands. “I’m just looking at it, Carson. If you didn’t want me messing with it you shouldn’t have called me when you found it!”

“Well I’m startin’ to regret that, Rodney. Ya don’t really have the best o’ luck with Ancient technology. First there was the—“

“I don’t need the list, thank you very much.” The scientist sighed and tossed the object from hand to hand, pondering if he should try and make it work in front of Carson, and then deciding against it. Later. Carson had been extra careful with him lately. He wasn’t sure why. And he wasn’t sure if he liked it. “And I’ll be very careful. You don’t have to baby me.”

“No, I think I do.” Carson crossed his arms over his chest and tilted his head to one side. “Ya are in my office more than anyone. The bed is startin’ t’ get a tent fer ya, lad.”

Rodney rolled his eyes. “Whatever. So you say you found it while digging in a drawer? Just sitting in there? And you hadn’t noticed it before?”

“Not really.”


“What does that mean? What are ya going t’ do? I’m not going t’ have to sew ya up now, am I?”

“No! Of course not! Look at it!” He held it up. It wasn’t even sharp. “What could it possible do to me? Don’t answer that!” He smiled and walked past Carson. “Thanks. I’ll have this figured out in no time!”

“I’m sure ya will.” Carson watched Rodney hurry off and sighed, lowering himself into a chair. The man worried Carson. He was always running off to do something stupid and always getting himself in trouble. Not a good thing for the man Carson was in love with to be doing.

Love. The doctor sighed and rubbed his temples. He couldn’t believe he’d let his feelings for the man grow so much. And of course Rodney was clueless. For a genius, the man could be very stupid at times. Everyone else could see, he knew because Sheppard kept pushing him to just tell Rodney and get it the hell over with. Easier said than done of course. He had tried, really he had. But Rodney made it difficult.

So he pushed his feelings aside, telling himself that there was always time later. As long as the man was careful, then there would be time later for Carson to tell him just what he was feeling. But he didn’t have time now. He sighed and started on his paper work again.

Rodney had gone straight to the lab with the Ancient device Carson had found. His mind left all other things besides it. He nodded to Zelenka but only in passing, as if he didn’t matter. He knew that the other man hated that which was why he did it. Then he had sat down at started to work.

Three hours later, he was starting to get annoyed. More than annoyed. He was yelling and cursing and causing the general uproar that he did when he couldn’t figure something out. All he’d managed to do was get it to light up and make a high pitched whine for a moment or two.

“I don’t get it. What is it supposed to do? Give everyone headaches?” He asked no one really, and didn’t even want an answer.

“Maybe it’s broken,” Zelenka said and then shut up at the glare from Rodney. “If you don’t want an answer don’t ask the question.”

“Oh please! I was being sarcastic. I’ll figure it out. I will.”

“No one said you wouldn’t, Dr. McKay.”

Rodney glared at him for a moment before going back to the device. “What do you do?” He asked poking it. “Come on you worthless piece of crap! You have to have some major function!”

He kept muttering that over and over again as the hours past. Zelenka was by his side again when another three hours had past telling him to give it up.

“Give it up?! Give it up?!” Rodney hissed and then through the device on the floor in frustration. “Fine! I’ll give it up!” And he raised his foot and stamped on it. He really hadn’t expected it to break…

There was a flash of gray light and a sound like a gun being shot off. Radek was thrown to the ground. Then the moment was over and the glow stopped. When Radek opened his eyes everything was the same… except Rodney was gone. “Oh Hell!” He stood quickly and looked around.

In the infirmary, Carson suddenly felt a sinking feeling and he almost fell over. He frowned, not thinking about it. It was probably nothing. He went back to work, not knowing that at that very moment people were rushing around to try and figure our what had happened to Rodney McKay, not knowing that he may have just lost the man he loved… forever.

--End Prologue--

A/N: Please Review. I want to know if it is worth going on.

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