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The Haunting of Carson Beckett Chapter Three

Title: Orenda Carver
Series: The Haunting of Carson Beckett
Author: Bella_Reeve
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Character death, strong language, and slash
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Characters: All but focuses on Carson Beckett
Shippers: Beckett/McKay
Spoilers: N/A
Disclaimer: I don't know SGA and I'm not making money off of this.
Notes: I have to admit this is probably the most fun I've had writing fanfiction. There is something about writing Carson, I swear! Every time I do I end up have a lot of fun! … Which is possibly why my only SGA stories have been from his POV << >> Hmm I wonder. Anyway thanks for the reviews! Hope you like this chapter!
Summary: "The air grew colder and Carson shivered before sitting up in
bed, 'It's you again, isn't it?'

Chapter One
Chapter Two

Really, she was lovely. Even though Carson rarely found women to be attractive, Orenda Carver (Ori, as she insisted he call her) had a sort of soft beauty. She looked like how he pictured his own daughter would look: long, slightly curly, jet black hair, dark eyes, pale skin, not very tall and just a little too skinny. She was wearing a white dress that flowed down to her ankles, where were crossed. Her bare feet tucked under the chair.

Carson was surprised that he had come here. It wasn't hard to find Ori, as everyone seemed to know who she was except him. She had, she explained, something of a phobia with needles and had not been to the infirmary more than once since she had arrived. She was, she went on, an anthropologist. She knew Heightmeyer from Grad. School. "The Anthropology Club and the Psychology department did some things together sometimes," She said off handedly.

"Then why did she send me to you?" Carson asked.

"I suppose she thought my field was better suited for your needs. Or maybe it was because of my focus on the supernatural and the afterlife."

"The supernatural?"

"Don't make it sound so negative! I’m the very best in my field. In your case I believe that these could be somewhat more helpful than talking with Heightmeyer, sweet girl though she may be."

Carson wasn't so sure about this now. The paranormal world was not even one he was sure he believed in. Then again, he was being haunted. Maybe she could help? He sighed. “I think… I think I’m seeing his ghost. Or him. Or something, I’m not sure. Everyone else thinks I’m insane but I know I’m not.”

“I don’t think you are crazy. I believe you are seeing his spirit. The only question is, does the spirit belong to a still breathing human or is it actually a ghost?” Ori stood up and moved over to take a kettle off a burner. “Would you like some tea?”

“Yes, thank you.” Carson thought the idea of tea was perfect. It always helped him relax. “I take it with-“

“A tad bit of creamer no sugar, right?” Ori poured the hot water into two cups with tea bags then slowly poured some creamer into both, dropping two lumps of sugar into her own before handing the other to Carson.

“How did you know that?”

“Would you believe me if I told you magic?”

“No, probably not.”

“Well, than, I’ll tell you when you will believe me.” She tucked her legs under her and took a sip of tea. Carson did as well. At once he felt his head clearing. Really, was there anything tea couldn’t do? He had just started to take another sip, when the room began to feel colder. Ori shivered and slowly Rodney’s shape appeared beside her. Carson nearly dropped his cup.

“Rodney!” He said.

Ori turned and looked around then frowned back at Carson. “What’s he saying?”

Carson pressed his finger to his lips. Rodney was indeed trying to speak but he looked weak. “I can’t hear him,” he told her. “He’s… more transparent than before.”

“Quickly! Tell him to take a break. Tell him to try back when he has strength.”

“Why? What does that matter?” Rodney was looking at Ori as well, a questioning look on his own face that matched Carson’s.

“Because if a spirit tries to hard and loses its strength it will be unable to communicate with the world of the living at all. It has to take its time.”

Carson saw Rodney mouth ‘How do you know?’ and asked the question for him.

“I’ve seen it happen. I was haunted by a ghost myself. It never finished the message because it wasted all its energy. If Rodney’s spirit wants to talk to you than it should take a rest for the time being until it has regained its strength.”

Sighing, the spirit gave Carson a worried look than nodded and vanished. The room returned to its former heat. The Doctor leaned back against his seat and noticed that his tea had gone cold. He shut his eyes, suddenly broken hearted.

When he opened his eyes, he looked at Ori. “You said you where haunted?”

“Yes,” she said with a small, somehow sad nod. “By someone I had hurt very much. I believe she was trying to tell me she forgave me but she never got to finish it.” She turned away and sighed again. “You aren’t alone, Carson. The only difference is that it still might be possible to save him. And it is also important that you rest yourself. You can’t save him if you pass out from exhaustion.”

Carson nodded and stood. “Thank you, Ori. It’s nice to have a least one person think I’m sane.”

She smiled and stood next to him. “You aren’t insane. You’re just in love. And I’m sorry to tell you that’s just a little bit worse.”

“You’re telling me.”

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