stormfirestar (stormfirestar) wrote in beckett_mckay,

Looking for a fic

Sorry if this isn't allowed I don't really have time to check the rules right now.

The fic I'm looking for I read not to long ago and can't seem to find it again.

The story plot is Carson takes Rodney to Scotland to meet his mom, Carson and his mom are talking in the kitchen while Rodney is suppose to be in another room, Rodney is listening in and overhears Carson's mom getting him to admit that he loves Rodney, later that night Rodney confronts Carson and the story gets HOT shall we say. Until Rodney overheard that he thought Carson was straight, I think.

I know there are several stories where Carson takes Rodney to meet his mom in Scotland but this one was a "it's their first time" fic. And maybe somewhat a "Oblivious!Rodney" fic?

If you know this fic please direct me to where I can find it again please. Thank you.
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