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Two drabbles and a ficlet and a newbie!

I'm a newbie! And I bring forth gifts which were x-posted on the atlantis100 group. Yeah, can't link groups yet. ::palm to face:: I'm so stupid.

I can, however, do a pretty mean lj-cut. ^^;

Carson’s okay when he’s in Rodney’s arms. Everything becomes right and they’re no longer in Atlantis trying to survive, but in their apartment trying to get that infernal cat off his side of the bed.

Yeah, he’d made up a little life in his head. It made it easier.

He didn’t like to think that maybe their relationship was spawned out of their current situation. That it might not last if…no, when they got back to Earth.

Secretly he wanted to see that bloody cat Rodney always mumbled about.


Rating: G

Pairing: McKay/Beckett (obviously, ^_^)

Warning: Own nothing, un-betaed.

Carson Beckett doesn’t like to be trapped.

Which leads one to wonder, why had he volunteered for this assignment, trapped on a floating city with no guarantee of ever seeing home again? He fooled himself into believing that it was misplaced courage.

Deep inside he purposely left that question unacknowledged, refusing to believe it was because of a certain quirky Canadian scientist.

It wasn’t because of a brief handshake that sent tingles through his fingertips and down his spine.

And it certainly wasn’t because he was more afraid of never seeing him again than he ever was of being trapped.

Pairing: Beckett/McKay

Rating: G

Warning: Un-betaed slash...

In school I was never an athlete. You know, one of those guys who always had the ladies draped over their arms and the trophies coming out the wazoo.

I was the smart kid. The one the athletes beat up if we refused to do their homework. But you never complained or they’d hurt you more. If that’s even possible.

We weren’t worth the books we studied.

Odd thing was I’d never wanted to be an athlete. I didn’t want to beat up kids and I was never that interested in the girls. Boys? That’s a whole other matter.

I got through it and now I’m here. In a floating city. Yay.

However I’m housed in said floating city with Beckett which is okay by me. He’s cute, smart and way better than an athlete. He actually talks to me. Not over me like Elizabeth or through me like Lt. Ford but at me. He cares about what I have to say and he answers my constant questions which is new. People usually get sick of me after an hour so answering my questions for three whole hours is

I think I could fall for him. Bah, bad thought. Get it out of my head, no need to chase after something unattainable, right?

Now to work on this thingamajig…

Hrm… damn, he’s coming in. Now I’ll never get whatever this thing is to work.

I’ve never seen eyes that blue. (They’re focused on me by the way. Which is where they should always be but that’s just my opinion.)

“I thought we lost you, you know.”

I look around the room. “Me?”

He pats my hand. Could the good doctor actually be flirting with me?

“Yeah you,” he grins, “whether you realize it or not I’d miss you around here.”

I lift an eyebrow and turn back to my thingamajig, determined to play hard to get. “Oh really?”

“Your constant chatter. Makes things, eh, a little less lonely.”

“Good to know someone appreciates it.”

His hand is back on mine, this time squeezing my fingers. “I’ll always appreciate your constant chatter.”

I turn my hand so that our fingers interlace. “Good.”

Rating: G

Pairing: Beckett/McKay (like you expected anything else)

Disclaimer: Own nothing.

Warning: Un-betaed. And I'm American writing in a Canadian's POV so let the mistakes begin. ^_^

Edit: And thanks to kerikeri for suggesting I post here. I luffles her. ^_^

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