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Scotch and Canada Dry: Beckett/McKay Slash

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This community is dedicated to the slash pairing of Dr. Rodney McKay and Dr. Carson Beckett from the Sci-Fi Channel original series Stargate Atlantis. Anything McKay/Beckett-related is welcome, especially fanfiction, icons, and discussion of slashy moments in canon.

A few rules:

1. Please keep spoilers behind cut-tags, labeled as to what episode the spoilers are for. Also use LJ-cut for long posts and all fics, and put warnings on spoily fics.

2. Keep posts on-topic. General Atlantis discussion belongs in atlantis; make sure the content of your post is significantly related to the characters and pairing we're here to discuss.

3. Fics, icons, or other fanworks featuring Beckett or McKay paired with other characters, het or slash, do not belong here unless the Beckett/McKay pairing is also important to the plot. If it isn't, try posting in pegasus_gate or atlantis_slash for slash fics, or atlantis_fanfic for het/gen.

Fanworks that aren't overt slash but feature significant interaction between Beckett & McKay (friendship fics, etc.) are fine to post here, though, and any rating is fair game, from G to NC-17 (be sure to label, though).

4. Don't flame or troll-- this should go without saying, but I'll say it anyway. Debate's fine, but no personal attacks.

5. If you post fanfiction (or any other creative work) here, be prepared for the possibility that other members of this community might offer constructive criticism. If someone politely and appropriately critiques your work, don't take it personally, get defensive, or flame them in response. If you do, we reserve the right to laugh at you.

This community is moderated by kerikeri.

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